Top 10 ‘Must-See’s of MAKS-2019 Airshow: Planes, Drones and Air Security System

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The International Aviation & Space Salon (MAKS) as a communication platform biennially welcomes experts in airspace industry and associated areas, foreign guests, military and civil professionals. At the business events, participants discuss problems and future of the industry; visitors study the showpieces at the static exhibit and watch them in action at demonstrative displays. Editors of Mil.Press have selected ten novelties of MAKS-2019 that are worth paying guests' attention.

Fifth-generation fighter jet Su-57

At the static exhibit, the visitors will have a chance to see the new multirole fighterup close. Earlier, the advanced frontline aircraft system took part only in the flight program and has never been demonstrated at the static exhibit.

Su-57 (PAK FA) 5G fighter jet

Su-57 jet is equipped with a cardinally new deep-integrated avionics system with the high level of automation and intelligent crew support.

Light military transport aircraft Il-112V

Il-112V, the first grassroot military transport aircraft designed in Russia in the post-Soviet period, is of much interest. It took the maiden flight on March 30, 2019.

Il-112V light military transport aircraft

The plane will replace the decommissioning fleet of An-25 aircraft. Maximum takeoff weight of Il-112V is 5 tons; it can carry a 3.5-ton cargo to the range of up to 2,400 km. The aircraft is intended for transportation of personnel, military equipment and different kinds of weapons.

Il-78M-90A refueling aircraft

There will be another plane at the airshow that can be defined as ‘the first in the post-Soviet era’, and again made by Ilyushin Group. This refers to Il-78M-90A refueler.

Pilot sample of modernized Il-78M-90A refueling aircraft

Il-78M-90A will become a basic plane adapted for the in-flight refueling of long-range, frontline and special-purpose aircraft. It will be capable to refuel simultaneously two frontline jets (Su-27 or MiG-29 type). Using the tail tanker, it can refuel the long-range or special-purpose aircraft. If used on the ground, the plane is supposed to refuel simultaneously four aircraft.

Ground-launched overhead platform Berta with new turbojet engine

Russian and foreign visitors will check out the E-08M Berta overhead platform powered by a turbojet engine.

Berta ground-launched overhead platform

Depending on the payload and a certain kind of engine, the platform is capable to be both an air target drone simulating airplanes, cruise missiles and UAVs, and a reconnaissance drone.

Being designed and produced by ENICS, earlier on, Berta was equipped either by an internal combustion engine or a pulse jet engine.

With a new powerplant, the system will reach previously inaccessible altitudes and fly at higher speeds.

UAV of advanced aerodynamic design

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with oblique-flow propeller powerplant will be presented at the coming airshow as well. According to engineers of Innovative Integrated Systems, the UAV designed on this layout has embodied advantages of both aircraft- and multirotor-type drones.

FixAR-designed drone (FIXed Angled Rotors)

With takeoff weight of only 5 kg, the UAV can accelerate up to 140 kph and pull up from 20 meters to 4 km. Max flight range is 50 km.

Aircraft electric motor with hydrogen fuel cell

Visitors of MAKS-2019 will meet the Sigma-4 airplane powered by electric motor taking energy from two sources: lithium batteries and polyethylene hydrogen fuel cell.

Sigma-4 airplane

Lithium batteries play a backup role and are needed only to compensate power lacks at the motor’s full loads.

The hydrogen fuel cell was designed at the New Mobile Energy Sources competence center.

Software/hardware system Matrix-TB

Among other things, the airshow program includes consultations on air security. In particular, it is planned to discuss capabilities of the Matrix-TB software/hardware system produced by Mascom Group. It is designed for integration of various information systems that normally use security systems of airports and any other transport security assets.

Concept project of monitoring center based on Matrix-TB SW/HW system

The system will be suitable both for daily needs of security services and deployment of a full-scale situation center in any crisis.

If needed, Matrix-TB will model or forecast a threat based on the provided data arrays, which potentially may prevent acts of unlawful interference.

Laser course-glide aircraft landing system Stalker

At MAKS-2019, representatives of Krasnogorsky Zavod will demonstrate the LLS 1А aircraft landing laser system (Stalker).

Reprogramming of LLS 1A beacon

Using laser beams safe for human vision, crew of an approaching airplane has an opportunity to observe an ideal trajectory visually.

Even in extreme weather conditions, the system helps to maintain the flight safety altitude, virtually excluding the possibility of uncontrolled touchdown, ensures accurate alignment with the runway, find a flareout point and visually observe a runway touchdown point.

Electro-optical payload Aurora-T

Another showpiece from Krasnogorsky Zavod is electro-optical payload Aurora-2T for small-size satellite Aist-2T.

Layout view of EOP Aurora-2

The equipment is designed for obtaining information about ground surface. The survey it performed from the altitude between 350 km and 700 km. The data obtained by Aurora is needed for environmental monitoring, control of emergency situations, mapping, geological surveys and in many other areas.

Concept of adaptive wing frame Sarych

Visitors of the airshow will see not only new products but concepts, too. For instance, a Russian company named TMPK-Volgograd will present an adaptive wing frame capable to vary the wing geometry in flight without changing of its surface integrity.

Concept of adaptive wing frame

The adaptive wing’s layout has no flaps, slats, ailerons or other mechanical units. As a result, designers expect the aircraft with such a wing would become more reliable, with reduced noise level and fuel consumption.

The International Aviation & Space Salon (MAKS-2019) will take place in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, from August 27 to September 1. The show is expected to attract at least half a million visitors.

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