Updated Harpoon Dronegun Debuted at ISSE-2019

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The Harpoon-2M portable system designed by New Telecommunication Technologies (NTT) to fight commercial UAVs was presented at the Integrated Safety & Security Exhibition 2019 (ISSE-2019). Available in mobile and stationery versions, the system is capable to block the drones’ command and navigation control channels.

The system interrupts the operator-UAV link on 8 frequency bands. It also bars the drones from positioning capability, suppressing four navigation systems: GPS, Galileo, Beidou and GLONASS.

Harpoon-2M anti-drone system

The system can be operated both off-shoulder and from fixed positions. In the latter case, Harpoon-2M is mounted on the remotely controlled two-axial rotator.

With fully charged battery, the system can operate for 60 minutes in the suppression mode. Power consumption: not more than 220 W.

The NTT expert Roman Slesarenko explained what problems the droneguns designers were facing.
"When protecting an object, we identify aerial vehicles by their signatures. To obtain a signature, you need to get an insight into a drone. Thus, we have to contact manufacturers of the newly commercialized UAVs. They get in touch reluctantly, thinking our projects are spearheaded against them", shares Roman Slesarenko. "However, it is my belief that co-working with us would improve their image. The less incidents happen to certain brands of drones, the better for them. Our system does prevent such incidents".
Earlier on, manufacturers of droneguns outlined another problem to Mil.Press Today. Export of the products was suspended as there’s still no common view whether they are military-purpose goods. Insiders in one of the dronegun production companies confirm the issue is still urgent: the domestically made systems cannot be supplied even to security experts of Russia’s Lukoil that protect oil facilities in Iraq.

Valery Butymov

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