Russia’s New Target Drone to Upgrade Skills of Air Defense Crews

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The ground-launched overhead platform E08M Berta used for air defense crew drills obtained a turbojet engine. This will increase the drone’s flight range and speed. The renewed Berta appeared at the MAKS-2019 airshow. Sergey Pobezhimov, deputy chief designer at the manufacturing company, ENICS, told Mil.Press about the new engine.

It was the Russian defense ministry who requested to modify the platform, Pobezhimov said. They needed an air target drone with higher speed and longer flight range than can be provided by a pulse jet engine optionally powering the Berta drone.

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The designer shared which application scenario for the air platform was currently considered the most preferable.
"Now, the major task is simulation of UAVs. Size of the platform are ideal for air defense practice drills, say, crews of Pantsir or Tor systems", explained Sergey Pobezhimov.
So far, the platform uses the foreign-made turbojet engines, but ENICS holds negotiations with Russian companies with the view to further use domestically made engines as a powerplant for the Berta platform.

Except for the E08M overhead platform displayed at MAKS-2019, there are target drones of different versions E95M, E17M, T12 and recon UAVs of Aileron family. The visitors could check out the company’s new quadcopter Veer debuted at the Army-2019 forum.

Booth of ENICS at MAKS-2019 airshow

Also, ENICS presented its products at the united pavilion of Tatarstan founded under the initiative "Aviation Regions of Russia" by the Ministry of Industry & Trade.

The International Aviation & Space Salon (MAKS-2019) takes place in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, from August 27 to September 1. The show is expected to attract at least half a million visitors.

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