Producer of Ammo Boxes with Huge Backlog Merged with Kalashnikov

Rubric: Russia, Industry

It was reported at the Army-2018 forum about assets increase in Concern Kalashnikov with merger of a new company. The the arms corporation was joined by the firm named RT Polyurethanes and having a billion-ruble order for ammunition containers won in 2017.

The merger was done just before the Army-2018 forum, an insider in the Russian defense industry told Mil.Press Today. As of 2018, the company’s backlog of orders includes 120,000 ammo boxes.

Polymer containers for ammunition storage

The ammo containers producer has become the fifth company joined Kalashnikov in 2018. Earlier on, the concern brought into its fold Kingisepp Machine Building Plant, Dieselzipservice, shipyards Vympel and More.

RT Polyurethanes makes composite package with foam polymer inserts. The company says its containers protect ammunition during at least 15 minutes at the temperature of 500°C.

As for Mil.Press Today, representatives of RT Polyurethanes are members of the subcommittee "Special containers - Reliable storage asset" of 701st Technical Committee for Standardization, which establishes national standards for storage containers of weapons and ammunitions, as well as their testing techniques.

Earlier on, it was reported at the Army-2018 forum that another manufacturer of up-to-date ammo boxes, ProfPolymerCase, won an order from United Aircraft Corporation for storage boxes of aircraft underwing weapons.

The Army-2018 forum is held in August 21-26 at the Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range, and Kubinka Airbase near Moscow.